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The purpose of this blog is for me to think. I do this best by writing out my thoughts on any subject.

Fundamental Beliefs
I believe that the Bible is an inspired Book written by human writers who wrote under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I believe in all the fundamental beliefs as expressed in the current 28 fundamental beliefs voted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Relationship with the Adventist Church
I am a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I view the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in session, as the final authority on issues regarding the interpretation of the Bible, Christian lifestyle, and beliefs. The content posted here has no official endorsement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Ellen G. White Writings
I will, from time to time, quote or allude to Mrs. White’s writings when I feel what she is saying adds clarity to the reader’s understanding of my post.  I refuse to use her writings in a way to buttress my position in debate with someone. I do not believe she intended her writings to be used in that way. I accept her prophetic ministry and formal writings to be inspired of God. I believe all her writings should be made public however her personal correspondence with individuals should be considered private and applicable to the person she wrote it.  In other words, consider the whole context of what she was writing and to whom she was writing, keeping in mind that if she was writing to you today, her advice may be different based on your specific circumstances. The best way to evaluate her writings, in my opinion, is to consider her writings topic by topic and consider the entire range of what she has writing on that topic before coming to any conclusions, if any.  I consider her writings to be lesser than the Bible.

Intellectual Independence, Research, Intellectual Honesty & Analysis

I, occasionally, will cover topics that some may consider controversial. I reserve the right to completely understand the other side on a debated issue and to the best of my ability state the strongest reasons for their beliefs. I do so to create a logical and honest way to evaluate differing points of view so that my readers can correctly evaluate my analysis of that point of view. The fact that I bring up another point of view that may be antithetical to mine does not in any way endorse that viewpoint nor can it be considered that, by writing on that topic, I am acting as a publicity agent for them. I believe in the Golden Rule which states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I hope that others will treat and consider my views just as openly and without bias as I have theirs. If I bring up issues that need to be addressed or things that need to change, in my Church, it does not mean that I am working against it or have abandoned my beliefs and membership.

Accuracy &  Precision
I strive to consider carefully every sentence that I write.  I care deeply about my work and the work of others.  If I am using someone else’s work, I will attribute the quotation or thought inspiration by linking to their work or website if online or by written mention if in print. My writing is not as precise as I need it to be to clearly express my meaning. The best way to get clarification on something from me is to talk to me directly on the phone or in person. Any communication with me is considered off-the-record unless we both agree to otherwise, in writing.

Theory & Practice
I believe in having a system of beliefs that can be communicated to anyone at any time. I put a great emphasis on the practice of beliefs. My emphasis on practical christianity does not in any way mean that I believe in a works-based salvation or that I am saved by works.

Protection of Sources
All my sources are private unless we both agree to disclose your name.

Endorsements & Conflicts of Interest
If I endorse a product, service, ministry or individual my endorsement is limited to the specific mention and not to their entire range of products, services, ministry or any other activity.  If there is a conflict of interest, I will disclose it in writing.

Blog Feedback
I welcome your feedback. I will strive to post every comment I receive unless the comment is off-topic, unduly harsh, hateful or threatening. The way I have set up the comment system is that I approve the first comment you ever post on my blog and thereafter you can post on my blog without my express approval.  I reserve the right to not post a comment or to take down a comment if I feel it violates the open and friendly nature of my blog.

Social Following & Feedback

You can access my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from my website. Please feel free to comment on my posts and interact with me on those platforms.

Current Partnerships
I post sermons through AudioVerse and have recently joined a group of young adult Adventist bloggers on The Haystack, Compass Magazine and Advactivism.

Any endorsement or advice on this blog should not be considered as personal advice, medical advice, a legal relationship, a business partnership, or investment advice. Please seek professional help when you realize you need it.