Hidden Sin

During breakfast, my dad and I were reminiscing about an unfortunate event that took place when we both were still in Pakistan circa 1994-95.

There was a certain house on campus that had a smell around it. My sister and her friends guessed it was a dead crow or something.

The person who lived there was gone on vacation for two weeks so everyone just avoided walking down that part of the road.

When the employee returned…he opened the door and was greeted by the most revolting stench.

He walked inside and found a body in the doorway to his bedroom.

It was his brother.

The employee ran out of the house and asked someone to call the police. The police were called and were on their way.

When they arrived, they went in to the house. They found the first body and in the bedroom, and there were two more bodies: a woman and a child. They had been dead for days.

There were no signs of violence, murder or suicide. No one had seen them come to the house or leave it in the last two weeks.

After the police filed their report and left. It was time to visit the man’s parents to break the news to them.

My father offered to go with a young man to the village to inform the family. It took them several hours and they were warmly welcomed by the family. After sitting down, my father gently brought up the subject and broke the news to the father that his son was dead.

End of the story? No. It was just starting.

It turned out the deceased young man had a wife and children. He had left his wife and children and gone away without telling anyone where he was going. The woman who was dead next to him, that the police had presumed was his wife, was someone else who was also married and the child was hers.

Putting the whole story together, the facts now made sense.

The man had a key to his brother’s house. When his brother let him know that he was going to be out of town, the man decided to meet up with his lover.

He left his own wife and children and went to another village/city to pick up this woman and her small child. Together they came to the house late at night.

Winter in Lahore is a little colder than what it is in Southern California and the house wasn’t equipped with central heating. They closed all the doors and windows and pulled the blinds. To keep warm they had turned on a small gas space heater. Over the course of the night, the air quality dropped low and carbon monoxide levels rose to toxic levels. By the time the couple woke up they were compromised and after stumbling around they passed out and eventually passed away. Because the blinds were pulled no one thought that any one was in the house. And they lay where they fell waiting to be discovered.

Their sin cost them their life and the life of an innocent child.

“Be sure, your sin will find you out” is just as relevant today as it was when it was first penned.

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